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Brixton Candle Company (BCC)

Cherry Forever Candle

Cherry Forever Candle

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The limited edition Cherry Forever candle fragrance, newly launched for this Black History Month and inspired by Cherry Groce whose unlawful death lead to the Brixton riots of 1981.

It opens with fresh notes of dark cherry and sweet rhubarb, middle notes of rose and gingerly topped with base notes of dark amber and a hint of cocoa butter giving life to any room and bringing a sense of love in a world where love is not always present.

Engage in a piece of history with our limited edition fragrance candle this winter.

Burn time up to 35 hours.

For best results:

Ensure the first burn time is at least 2 hours, making sure the wax melts all the way to the edge of the container to prevent tunnelling.

Always trim the wick prior to each burn.

Keep out of reach of pets and children

Weight:  400g

Height: 83mm

Top diameter: 70mm

Bottom diameter: 66mm
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